Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Who to Trust to Deliver Scotland's Vision for the Fishing Industry

Participating to a TV debate on fishing last week, North East MSP Christian Allard put forward the main question to answer this September “who do you trust to protect the interests of the Scottish fishing industry?” Mr Allard assured that only Scotland could be trusted to look after the interests of an industry which we all consider a vital part of our past, present and future economy.

He said that the Scottish Government has a positive vision for the fishing industry. Mr Allard added that the industry has a great future and that Scottish Ministers share his optimism.

With the good news that our fish stocks have recovered and the not so good news that a discard ban is going to be enforced, there is a clear opportunity for more fish to be processed in Scotland. The Scottish Government is pro-actively working to make its vision a reality for the fishing industry to thrive, Mr Allard commented.

The French born MSP contrasted this position with that of Westminster politicians who have described the Scottish fishing industry as “expendable”.

Mr Allard was speaking on the BBC’s new Scotland 2014 programme on Tuesday 17 June.

Mr Allard added:

“For our fishing communities in Scotland it will come down to one simple question; who do we trust? Do we trust Westminster politicians who consider that the fishing industry, from Land's End to John o' Groats, is expendable? Or do you trust a Scottish Government that recognises the Scottish Fishing industry as an asset for future generations?

“The Scottish Government is actively promoting the Scottish fishing industry and protecting our fishermen and food producers.

“Fishermen and everyone at the Scottish Parliament share the same vision of a prosperous future for the Scottish fishing industry – an industry which is an integral part of our nation’s economy. Only a Yes vote in September will guarantee that future Scottish Governments will always have full powers to back our Fishing communities.”

Mr Allard took the opportunity to praise the BBC 2 Scotland 2014 programme for portraying an accurate picture of a vibrant fishing industry that is training and encouraging young entrants to the industry:

“I welcome the BBCs portrayal of the vibrant Scottish fishing industry in this programme. It is fantastic to see so many young new entrants in the sector eager to learn and helping to strengthen our fishing communities.

“Scottish Fisheries Secretary Richard Lochhead has to negotiate with other nations away from the main table of discussions – in effect he is negotiating with both hands tied behind his back. Voting Yes in September will free the hands of future Scottish fisheries ministers.”
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