Thursday, 28 August 2014

Humiliation for Cameron as CBI Chief Warns of EU Exit


Commenting on remarks to be delivered this evening at the CBI dinner in Glasgow by the organisation’s President Sir Mike Rake, in which he warns of the dangers to business of Westminster’s planned in-out referendum on European Union membership, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“This is a humiliation for the Prime Minister on the same day one of his MPs has defected to UKIP, exposing the deep Eurosceptic seam running through the Tory Party which is dragging the UK ever closer to the exit door of Europe.

“For David Cameron to be lectured by one of the UK’s most senior business figures about the dangers of his in-out referendum on EU membership shows just how worried companies are about the prospect of the UK being taken out of Europe.

“For Scotland, the choice is clear – a YES vote which will protect our place in the EU as an independent member, or a NO vote which could see us dragged out of Europe against our will, shutting us off from a single market of more than 500 million people with potentially devastating consequences for jobs and investment.”

In CBI President Sir Mike Rake’s speech this evening, he is expected to say:

“We accept that calling a referendum on EU membership is a constitutional issue for government, but the ambiguity has already, and is increasingly, causing real concern for business regarding their future investment. Business is in no doubt that we must retain and secure our country’s global future. If we’re isolated, we cannot be our best.”
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