Friday, 29 August 2014

New Polls Show Momentum is with YES in North-East

With less than three weeks until voters go to the polling booths to vote on Scotland's future, two new polls have revealed that the momentum is with the Yes campaign in North-east Scotland.

Data released today by Survation for the Scottish Daily Mail is the first poll on independence following the BBC's Salmond v Darling debate earlier in the week. Excluding undecideds, the poll has revealed that the Yes campaign has leaped three points to 47%, with the results for No down three points to 53%. The poll, which sampled 1000 adults in Scotland, suggests that just a 3% swing on referendum day will see a victory for those campaigning for an independent Scotland.

The organiser of Yes Banffshire and Buchan Coast, Ross Cassie, said:

"This poll shows that the momentum is firmly with Yes in the North-east. As we get closer to polling day, people are thinking seriously about the future of our country and they are being inspired by the positive and aspirational vision for the future that a Yes vote offers."

On social media, people in Peterhead have been taking part in a poll run by social media site 'The Only Way is Peterhead' (TOWIP). The poll, which ran for 24 hours, polled 660 residents from Peterhead and the surrounding area and resulted in a resounding backing for a Yes vote - 81% of those interacting with the poll backed a Yes vote, with just 16% saying they would vote No and 3% still undecided.

The page administrator of TOWIP, who wishes to remain anonymous, commented:

"The independence debate is the talk of the town and I was interested to post this poll and see what people are thinking. The Yes campaign does seem to have captured the imagination of folk in the Bloo Toon."
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