Wednesday, 1 October 2014

SNP Membership Soars To Over 75,000


SNP membership has soared to over 75,000 today – as almost 50,000 new members joined the party in less than two weeks.

The SNP is an incredibly strong position as by far the third largest party in the UK as a whole – overtaking the Lib Dems – and picking up more and more support from traditional Labour heartlands.

The incredible surge in SNP membership follows a Survation poll showing support for the SNP standing at 49 per cent – up on even the 2011 landslide levels – while support for Labour languishes at 33 per cent.

Commenting, SNP Business Convener Derek Mackay MSP said:

“The astonishing influx of new members joining the SNP shows no signs of stopping – with membership tripling in less than two weeks – now standing at more than 75,000.

“The strong position of the SNP – standing at 49 per cent in the polls – contrasts starkly with the Westminster parties. We’ve now well overtaken the Lib Dems at UK level - whose membership is 44,000 - and the Tories and Labour are tearing each other apart as their vow to the people of Scotland gets caught up in the infighting between Westminster factions.

“With this extraordinary growth in membership, it is clear that it is the SNP that the people of Scotland trust to hold the Westminster establishment to account on their vow of substantial more powers for Scotland.

“This new democratic movement in Scotland simply won’t accept the same old politics as usual from the No parties – Westminster now simply must deliver the real powers we need to make Scotland a fairer, more prosperous country for everyone who lives here. Failure to do so would be completely unacceptable.”
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