Sunday, 25 October 2015

Hosie: Trident Billions are Unthinkable


In response to reports that the cost of renewing four new Trident submarines has dramatically risen to more than£167 billion, far more than the ludicrous £100 billion already proposed, the SNP’s Deputy Leader Stewart Hosie said the sum is “unthinkable”, especially against a backdrop of Tory austerity cuts.

Commenting, SNP Deputy Leader Stewart Hosie said:

“This is truly an unthinkable and indefensible sum of money to spend on the renewal of an unwanted and unusable nuclear weapons system while thousands of people across the UK are struggling to afford basics like food as a result of the Tories’ obsession with austerity.

“The UK Government is facing a United Nations probe over its cuts to support for disabled people and yet the Government’s own figures reveal that they are prepared to spend an astronomical £167 billion dumping four new Trident submarines on the Clyde.

“It was already ludicrous to consider the renewal of Trident when the cost was £100 billion but these figures show just how dangerous the Tories’ obsession with nuclear really is.

“How can Tory MPs expect to be able to look their constituents in the eye when on the one hand they are taking thousands of pounds from hard-working low income families who rely on tax credits and with the other they plan to pour money into brand new weapons of mass destruction?

“And at a time when Scotland’s conventional defence capabilities have shrunk dramatically with base closures and less than 10,000 personnel it is alarming that there seems to be an endless amounts of money seems to be available for abhorrent nuclear weapons.”
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