Friday, 18 November 2016

Tories Must Apologise to Crofters Over "Unbelievably Patronising" Attack

Tory MSP Peter Chapman has been criticised as “unbelievably patronising” for personally attacking three members of the Scottish Land Commission as “not real farmers”.

The Tory rural affairs spokesperson made the bizarre attack on the Commission members, saying that “looking at this list of appointments, there isn’t a single real farmer on here.”

He continued: “You can’t call someone with two sheep and a back garden a farmer.”

Two of the Commission members are crofters, while a third is a partner on a 650 acre farm.

Commenting, SNP MSP Maree Todd said:

“This is an unbelievably patronising attack and the Tories must swiftly apologise for describing crofters as ‘not real farmers’.

“Unlike some Tory MSPs, not all of Scotland’s farmers and crofters have estates large enough to parade as Laird of the Manor – but they deserve better than to be belittled by the opposition.

“Peter Chapman should apologise to Scotland’s crofters – and he should apologise to the Land Commission members themselves for this needlessly personal, unprofessional attack.”
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