Sunday, 18 June 2017

Blackford - Crucial Week Must See Humbled Tory Government Change Course

SNP Call for Consensus Against Hard Brexit

The SNP’s new Westminster leader Ian Blackford has said that the humbled Tory government must change course on Brexit.

With negotiations with the EU scheduled to begin in Brussels tomorrow, and the Queen’s speech expected to be delivered on Wednesday, Mr Blackford said that the electorate had delivered a mortal blow to the Tory hard Brexit and to further austerity – and the Tories now have no option but to change course and reach out to others.

Mr Blackford added that the negotiations must proceed on an all-party, all-government basis, with the involvement of the devolved administrations.

Commenting, Mr Blackford said:

“With Brexit negotiations set to begin, the election has made it crystal clear that the Tory position of a hard Brexit does not carry the support of the public, and any attempt to plough on regardless will have damaging consequences for Scotland and the UK.

“Theresa May asked the electorate to strengthen her hand, but instead they have cut the Tories down to size – voters gave a clear instruction that the Conservatives cannot govern alone and must now reach out to others.

“The Prime Minister must ensure that the Brexit negotiations are representative of all of the UK nations – something which is backed by Scottish business leaders – and that will aim for an outcome which protects Scotland’s interests, particularly our continued place in the Single Market.

“They must also change course on austerity, which is putting so much pressure on our public services, and pushing more and more working families and children into a life of poverty.

“Another parliament of Tory cuts is a political choice – not a necessity – and it has been decisively rejected by voters.

“The SNP has produced credible plans both for dealing with Brexit and an alternative to austerity – protecting our place in the Single Market and protecting public investment in our public services – and the Tory government must now give these plans serious consideration.

“SNP MPs stand ready to work constructively with the UK government to protect Scotland’s jobs, our economy and our public services – but the humbled Tory party must now put country before party and reach out to others.”
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