Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Nuffield Trust Report Shows Scotland's NHS Leading the Way

Continual Focus on Quality Improvement Key Success of NHS Scotland

Today’s Nuffield Trust report shows that Scotland’s NHS is leading the way and health services in other parts of the UK have much to learn from Scotland’s approach.
The report highlights a number of areas where the other UK nations could benefit from adopting policies taken by the Scottish Government – particularly on areas such as quality improvement and patient safety, but also on health and social care integration, reducing the number of still births and on initiatives to tackle unequal health outcomes and support remote areas.

The SNP is committed to continually improving Scotland’s NHS, and the Scottish Government is investing an additional £2 billion over the course of this parliament to help the NHS cope with increasing demand. The NHS in Scotland already benefits from record high funding and staffing – and the SNP is committed to increasing these levels even more.

Commenting, SNP MSP and deputy convener of Holyrood’s Health and Sport Committee, Clare Haughey, said:

“This report provides a very welcome insight into the state of Scotland’s National Health Service.

“What this report shows is a Scottish NHS that is adapting to the challenges it is facing in the coming years – highlighting a number of areas where Scotland is leading the way, particularly our approach to quality improvement which allows best practice to be rolled out across the health service in Scotland.

“The report suggests that England, Wales and Northern Ireland could all learn from Scotland in areas such as patient safety, health and social care integration, tackling health inequalities, and on reducing the number of still births.

“The SNP Government is investing record levels of funding in our NHS – and we are committed to spending an additional £2 billion by the end of this parliament to keep on improving our NHS. We are also benefitting from record levels of staffing – and the Nuffield Trust report also shows that the nurse vacancy rate is less than half that of England and Wales.

“We recognise the challenges that lie ahead and the work that needs to be done, which is why the SNP Government is taking forward a twin programme of investment and reform.

“The SNP will always work to support our NHS – and this report shows the approach we are taking is leading the way across the UK.”
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