Monday, 25 April 2011

Stevenson Launches SNP Farming Manifesto In Banffshire As Prominent Farmers Back SNP Second Term

SNP candidate for Banffshire & Buchan Coast Stewart Stevenson launched the SNP’s Farming Manifesto on a visit to a farm near Cornhill, Banffshire.

Mr Stevenson said he was proud to stand on the record of an SNP Government which had achieved so much for Scotland’s farming communities but stressed that upcoming CAP reform made re-electing an SNP Government more crucial than ever.

Commenting as he launched the manifesto locally in Cornhill, Stewart Stevenson said:

“Scotland’s farming community is central to Scotland’s success. Our farmers and food producers protect our food supply and steward our stunning scenery.

“Over the past four years, I have been proud to serve Scotland’s farmers as an SNP MSP in a Scottish Government which has delivered for rural communities.

“The SNP has put agriculture and food at the heart of its agenda in Government and provided our farmers and crofters with a voice in UK and Europe. We have stood shoulder to shoulder with our farmers through the challenges of recent years and repeatedly delivered for the industry in its hour of need.

“This special Farming Manifesto illustrates the SNP’s commitment to continuing to act in the best interests of Scottish agriculture sector. We will preserve the success achieved so far and work with the sector to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the challenges of food security, energy security and tackling climate change.

"The next few years will be crucial to the industry's long term future as CAP reform gets underway.

“Only the SNP will stand up to the UK Treasury as it attempts to grab back £500m vital EU support for Scotland’s farmers. If the London parties had their way, thousands of jobs would be lost and parts of rural Scotland would be turned into a desert."

The SNP’s commitment to the farming sector was endorsed by leading figures from across the industry.

Jim Walker, former NFU President and MD of Argent Energy said:

“The SNP Government’s track record on farming speaks for itself and given the major decisions that lie ahead, particularly in Europe, we need them back in office to ensure Scotland’s voice is heard.”

John Kinnaird, past NFU Scotland President said:

“I am backing the SNP for a second term in Government as they have proved themselves to be a full partner in farming, rural issues and especially Scotland at large.”

Jim Brown, Lanarkshire based leading beef farmer and well known agricultural columnist said:

“As one of Scotland’s larger beef producers, I can say that the SNP has done more to understand farming challenges in the past four years than I can ever recall from any other Political Party.”

Angus McCall, tenant farmer from Golspie in Sutherland said:

“The next few years will be crucial for Scottish agriculture as we negotiate a new CAP regime. Scotland needs continuity of policy and a strong government which understands rural issues and is prepared to fight our corner. The Scottish Government under the SNP has shown what it can do and Richard Lochhead has led a team which has had the interests of Scottish farming at heart.”
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