Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hidden Subsidies Show UK Energy Policy In Tatters


SNP MP Mike Weir says the UK Government’s energy policy is in tatters after a leaked document revealed plans to subsidise nuclear through electricity bills.

Following the news, Centrica, the only UK company in the running to build a new generation of nuclear plants, has threatened to pull out.

Mr Weir, SNP Westminster Energy and Climate Challenge spokesman, said:

“The UK Government’s nuclear policy is in tatters, with leaked documents revealing electricity customers will foot the bill for nuclear power despite previous promises this would not happen.

“Not only does this show the Tory-Lib Dem coalition cannot be trusted on energy policy, it is also highly embarrassing for the Lib Dems who fought the general election firmly opposed to the expansion of nuclear power.

“Centrica, the only UK company in the running to help build new nuclear plants, is now threatening to pull the plug. This is simply a disaster for David Cameron.

“Nuclear power is simply not the answer to our energy needs. While Centrica threatens to pull out, Scotland’s approach continues to win investment and create thousands of jobs.

“Renewable energy is the way forward to provide a clean green future and true energy security.

“The SNP Government has firmly rejected nuclear and instead has set a 100 per cent renewable target for Scotland's own electricity use by 2020.

“The Tory-Lib Dem coalition must abandon its pursuit of an expensive, unsustainable and shambolic nuclear policy.

“Instead it should follow the lead of the Scottish Government transferring to a low carbon economy, which will benefit the environment, create jobs and lower household bills.”
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