Sunday, 6 October 2013

Q's for Lamont on Royal Mail Renationalisation

SNP MP Mike Weir has written to Johann Lamont asking her to say whether or not she backs the renationalisation of the Royal Mail.

The membership of the Labour party endorsed renationalisation of the Royal Mail, in the event privatisation cannot be halted, at their party conference over a week ago.

UK Labour party business spokesman Chuka Umunna has said he would not promise to renationalise Royal Mail in the event of a Labour government.

While her UK bosses have stated their position, Ms Lamont has remained silent on the issue – as she has notably done on so many other issues. Commenting, Mike Weir MP said:

"As Labour leader in Scotland, Johann Lamont must tell the people of Scotland whether or not she backs the renationalisation of the Royal Mail.

“Does she support a publicly owned postal service and will she support the views of her party membership.

"The rank and file delegates at the Labour party conference in Brighton called for the return of the Royal Mail to public ownership in the event of privatisation, the CWU want to see the Royal Mail in public hands, does Johann Lamont agree with the CWU and with her own delegates?

"And does she agree with the SNP and Scottish Government that there must be a moratorium to stop this rushed Westminster sell-off?

"We have promised to take Royal Mail back into public ownership in an independent Scotland in the event the Tories go ahead with their plans.

"Will Johann Lamont match our commitment or will she once again be pulled into line by her London bosses?"
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