Monday, 26 March 2018

UK Tory Prime Minister Abandons Fishing Communities at Key European Council Summit

The SNP’s Westminster Leader has criticised the Prime Minister for abandoning fishing communities across the UK, after failing to raise their concerns over post-Brexit fishing rights at the key European Council summit.

When pressed by Ian Blackford MP over what representations the Prime Minister made to EU leaders to reverse the conclusions over the UK’s fishing rights during the Brexit transitional period, the Prime Minister failed to answer.

Responding to the Prime Minister’s statement today in Westminster, Ian Blackford MP said:

“Theresa May had an opportunity at the crucial European Council Summit to raise the concerns of fishing communities over the Brexit transitional arrangement. Her silence on the issue, and failure to raise the matter, is yet another example of the Tory government’s sell out of the industry they have previously described as ‘expendable.’

“Theresa May’s response today on the future of fishing rights was inadequate, and her silence at the EU meeting is deafening.

“It is incumbent upon the Prime Minister that fishing rights are secured and that the UK government rejects any deal that leaves our fishing communities hamstrung in any transition agreement.

“Time and time again, the Tory government thinks it can do whatever it wants to Scotland and get away with it. They are wrong.

“The Tory government needs to answer the very simple question that has been put to them countless times – will they guarantee that Scotland’s fishing rights will not be traded away in EU negotiations?"
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