Thursday, 15 October 2020

SNP Select Local Councillor and Disabilities Advocate for Banffshire & Buchan Coast

SNP members in Banffshire & Buchan Coast have selected Aberdeenshire councillor and life-long disabilities and women’s advocate Karen Adam as their candidate for next year’s Scottish Parliament Elections.

Karen was a full-time mum before being elected to Aberdeenshire Council for the first time in 2017.

The selection process by local party members follows the decision by long-standing MSP Stewart Stevenson to retire at the next election.
Commenting on her selection, Karen Adam said:

“I’m delighted to have been selected by local SNP members to be their candidate at next year’s Scottish Parliament election.

“It goes without saying that Stewart Stevenson leaves very big shoes to fill after representing this area since 2001 and also serving in the Scottish Government twice in different ministerial roles, but I am up for that challenge.

“I remember enjoying much of my childhood at the beach in Portsoy where my father would cut and polish stones he would find. My journey of being a disabilities advocate began with my father who happens to be deaf, I was very much immersed in Deaf Society all throughout my childhood across Aberdeenshire which led to me learning British Sign Language. This is a skill I have found myself using in my role as a local councillor.

“Banffshire and Buchan Coast is a special constituency — from Boddam to Buckie, and everywhere in between, this constituency has great diversity which should be celebrated.

“We have many issues that are unique to this area and I want to champion those issues as this constituency’s next MSP and continue to support the record of delivery the SNP has in the North-east.

“Next year’s election is like no other, now is the time for Scotland to move forward as a nation towards independence which will enrich the lives of our communities right here in Banffshire & Buchan Coast.”
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