Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Douglas Ross 'Culpable' in Brexit Destruction of Scotland's Fishing Sector

Scottish Seafood Industry Deserve Full Apology for Disastrous Deal

Douglas Ross has been accused of being culpable in the demise of Scotland’s fishing industry after admitting during the STV Leaders' Debate that the Tories had ‘not done enough’ for the sector.

The Scottish Tory leader is being urged to issue a full apology to Scotland’s seafood industry after he voted for the rotten Brexit deal that has left it struggling to export produce to mainland Europe.

Since Scotland was dragged out of the EU against its will, Scotland’s fishermen have reported sky-rocketing costs, increased red tape and reduced catch sizes.

The cost of Brexit has not only mounted for the fishing industry but also for Scotland’s exporters and our world-renowned farming and food production firms.

The SNP has provided funding for Scotland’s fisheries to mitigate the worst impacts of Brexit.

Commenting, SNP candidate for Banffshire and Buchan Coast Karen Adam said:

“It is frankly an insult for Scotland’s fisheries to hear Douglas Ross say the Tories have not done enough for the industry – he is culpable as he voted for the rotten Brexit deal that has put them in this situation.

“These industries have been hit by the double-whammy of COVID and Brexit. It was reckless to say the least for the Tories to pursue their Brexit fantasy in the middle of a global pandemic when businesses were struggling already.

“It is not enough for Douglas Ross and the Tories to say they did not do enough - the industry needs action and it needs it now.

“The Tories' Brexit has left the sector worse off than when we were part of the European Union, and the Single Market and Customs Union. The only way Scotland can return to the top table is with independence and the only way to deliver that is by putting Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands with Both Votes SNP.”
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