Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Stevenson Visits Shell St Fergus Gas Terminal

Stewart Stevenson, SNP candidate for Banffshire & Buchan Coast, visited the Shell St Fergus Gas Terminal on Monday accompanied by local councillor Fiona McRae.

This was a very important visit to Shell St Fergus which gave an opportunity to discuss future carbon capture plans and the role local workers can play in its development.

With Longannet coal-fired power station in Fife now the only contender in the UK competition for carbon capture and storage, Mr Stevenson heard of the key role that St Fergus would play in pumping out carbon dioxide at a rate of about 2 million tonnes per annum to the Goldeneye field.

Speaking after his visit, Stewart Stevenson said:

"Carbon capture and storage will play an important part in addressing the issue of climate change by reducing our CO2 emissions. St Fergus will benefit from substantial investment as it gears up to be the hub for delivering the CO2 to empty oil and gas fields in Scottish waters.

"With St Fergus and Shell being in the lead in developing new technologies, the North-east is once again leading way in a key engineering sector and building new jobs for the future.

"There will be opportunities for local contractors and sub-contractors to gain work form this development.

"I very much welcome Shell’s commitment to St Fergus and the local economy and wish them continued success as a valued local employer.”

Councillor Fiona McRae (Peterhead North & Rattray) added:

“As well as being an important contributor to the local economy, Shell also provide welcome support to local community groups and organisations through their support of the Buchan Development Partnership’s Small Grants Scheme.

“The development of carbon capture and storage technology at St Fergus will further cement the link between Shell and the Buchan economy and I look forward to local companies getting continued benefit from that vital link.”
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